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Gynesis Group has more than 20 years of experience in Financial and Managerial Accounting

We are business growth and profitability Advisers for businesses who want to take their business to the next level. We also happen to be accountants and tech support,  and numbers geeks who love helping business owners leverage the information in the financial reports to produce better results for their business. The numbers tell a story, our job is to interpret that story, so business owners can make more informed decisions, and more readily achieve their business AND quality of life goals. 


We at Gynesis Group care about the success of your business.  We have worked with companies in various industries to improve their cash flow and profitability.  We have helped our clients improve their financial position.  


Our Services Include:

  • Setting Up Accounting Software

  • Creating Efficient Internal Processes

  • Budget Setup

  • Financial Analysis

  • File Maintenance

  • Monthly Management Reporting

  • Virtual CFO Services

  • Tax Planning and Preparation

  • Cash Flow and Inventory Analysis

  • Forecasting

  • Business Automation

  • Year-End Cleanup

  • Staff Training


Our Industry Specialties include:

  • Energy - LNG, Renewable

  • Financial Services

  • Construction

  • Manufacturing

  • Retail

  • State Government

  • Education

  • Sports & Entertainment Food Service

  • Religious

  • Not-for-Profit

Why Hire Us?

Labor Cost Savings

For a mid-size manufacturing company with high labor costs, Gynesis Group proposed one change that reduced labor costs.  By delaying the start time of the third shift by 30 minutes, daily costs per employee went down by 33%.

Money Savings

For a construction client, Gynesis Group cleaned up their accounts payable and implemented best practices for Accounts Payable.  The cleanup and implemented processes allowed management to trust the accuracy of their cash flow balances, refinance a bank loan and increase their line of credit.

Technology Improvement


For a subsidiary of a Fortune 500 Company, Gynesis Group researched a system add-on product, created and implemented procedures which reduced labor hours and increased reporting accuracy.  The add-on and implemented procedures gave the subsidiary confidence in the accuracy of the financial reports sent to the Parent company.

Meet The Team

Andrea Jones, CEO

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Ms. Jones is a graduate from The College of William & Mary with a

BA in Economics and obtained her

MBA from Johns Hopkins University.

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