4 Strategies for strengthening your brand

Anytime of the year is a great time to do some internal housekeeping. According to Ran One, one of the things that should be re-examined with regularity is your brand. Are you keeping to it? Are you veering away from where you wanted to be? A quick brand audit is worth your time!

Remember that brand equity is part of your bottom line- the perception your customers have of your products and services based on your brand- that’s your equity- the trust and rapport you have earned and aim to keep with your clients.

Let's go back to the basics.

Is your brand:

1. Aware

2. Credible

3. Reputable

4. Backed by customer satisfaction?

If your basics are looking good, start strengthening:

1. Claim your niche, become an expert and stay relevant. Define your perfect customer, find that customer and work your way into being a trusted source of data circulating in said niche. Be the answer your clients seek and fill holes where you see them. Make sure you are continuously revisiting your perfect customer niche and spending significant time and effort on connecting and reconnecting with them.

2. Build your tribe, excite your tribe, and keep your tribe. Once you have cultivated your niche you need to actively work to wow them. Competitor will be stalking your same stomping grounds; sniffing out bored or unsatisfied clients. Don’t let them get a foot in the door- constantly be making yourself stand out with offers, attentions and engagements catered to your client.

3. Share, engage, and share some more. Find every way you can communicate your brand and then do it over and over. Create content, share content, and repeat. Offer insider information, custom-made deals, exclusive discounts and early access. Reward your best clients publicly- people love being recognized.

4. Close the gap by giving back. Once you have engaged, make sure you are rewarding your consumer’s loyalty to your brand by building and leaving a legacy. You could align with a non-profit, create a scholarship, volunteer in community projects, or develop a fun “Pay it Forward” campaign.

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