What about your “About” page?

What about your “About” page?

Even though we live in ‘want it now’ age consumers are also displaying their desire for transparency, honesty, and integrity in their transactions (think social responsibility, etc.).

More importantly, they are seeking products and services that match with their own beliefs and values and often the place they seek that information is your website’s About Page.

If its been a while, it may be time for an About Page about face! As one expert copywriter puts it, the checklist goes something like this:

  1. Stick to the facts, avoid the hype and superlative talk.

  2. Always inspire trust.

  3. Tell them what they want to know, and tell them upfront- don’t make them dig through copy.

  4. Be specific, not generic.

  5. Engage and connect and then engage and connect again!

  6. Make sure you are expressing your values (company values, not personal!) and your mission as it may relate.

  7. Include credentials, awards and any pertinent accolades.

  8. Of utmost importance: USE VISUALS. Pictures of you, your staff, your business in action. Legitimize and humanize through visual connections.

Ultimately, why is someone perusing your About Us page? They are trying to figure out if they can trust you, they are seeking more intimate information that will allow them to determine if their values align with yours or if there may be an inherent reason that they should NOT to business with you.

Consider questions like:

  • How big is the business? How many employees?

  • How long have you been in business? How did the company begin- what’s the origin story?

  • Is there a brick and mortar location or is this only online and why either/or/both? Is there a connection to locale or benefits to being in the same location?

  • What are the core values? What makes you special? What makes your product or service unique?

Take every opportunity to provide your ideal customer with something they relate to. Create trust, show integrity and build long lasting relationships.

RANONE® |business advisor

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