Okay, Boomer…sorry Millenials, but it’s all about the Zoomers

Okay Boomer…sorry Millennials,

but it’s all about Zoomers

It feels like just yesterday we were training Baby Boomers in the newfangled management style of the Millenials. But just as you are starting to get comfortable… enter… ZOOMERS!

Generation Z (Zers, Zoomers- born in 1997 or later) are now part of your applicant pool and of course, once again, we should be ready to see them rock the boat and bring some influential energy to the workplace. In fact, Zoomers will make up a projected 24% of the global workforce in 2020.

Brace yourselves! But also, brush up on some of their unique qualities and what you can expect to see out of this generation:

  1. This generation was children when 9/11 and stock market crash and subsequent recession happened in 2008- because of how they experienced these huge landmarks, they will value financial security, safety and stability in the workplace.

  2. Unlike Millennials, studies are showing Zoomers will look to stay longer in positions and won’t be as prone to job-jumping.

  3. Zoomers are uniquely debt resistant and are more savvy when it comes to financial setbacks and future planning and they will be basing their job decisions mostly on salary, pay structure and raises/growth opportunities.

  4. Some say that the saturation of technology into our everyday lives has turned Zoomers into a generation that once again appreciates the power of face-to-face interactions.

  5. Conversely, using technology so seamlessly from a young age, Zoomers are very adept at multitasking and can handle juggling many projects and responsibilities at one time.

Millenials seemed to lack humility around their green-ness, whereas Zoomers are very aware that they are the youngest in the room. This self-awareness also gives them great insight into what their strengths are and they are eager to prove themselves- the opposite of the entitlement we see often in Millenials.

Zoomers crave integrity, authenticity and are pragmatic as opposed to their idealistic Millenial neighbors. Having grown up seeing the economic pressures of a recession has also created a drive and motivated workforce eager to save and invest and plan. These desires have translated into a return to brick and mortar commercial interactions- a huge difference from online-obsessed Millenials.

Overall, Zoomers look more promising on paper and should not raise the same concerns when it comes to integration into the workforce. The old guard will be pleasantly surprised at what almost seems to be a throwback generation, a return to the ‘way things were’ and an appreciation for individuality, hard work and innovation.

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